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Is it the right time to Garden?
From the multiplious and varied expression
we gather the right time is always when
we get ready. If the seeds are not planted
until the 10th April you may still have
a good garden. Wm Bond encourages
any one needing such an implement to
procure a spring tooth harrow.

Arbutus will not thrive transplanted.
The same is true of partridge berry.

Who wants a pretty pug pup? All
spoke at once, declining the proferred pet.

How to trim apple trees just started?
Cut the top half off each of the five limbs
left, leaving the top bud on the under
side of the limb. After a pleasant
talk from Mr. Messey, descriptive of
a recent visit to Pa., we entered into
an election, and made ourselves proud
and rich, by giving a unanimous
vote for Grenville and Pattie Farquhar,
of which the Sect was instructed to give
them official notice. And then
adjourned to Asa M. Stabler 17th next Mo.
Sarah S. Miller
Sect Pro tem

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