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December 6th, I924.

Albert Stabler entertained the 7I2th meeting of the Enterprise
Club at Edgwood, Saturday December 6th, I924; the absent members were
George Wilson, Rust Canby and Samuel Thomas.

The guests included Lawrence Stabler, M. O. Stabler, Samuel Bond,
Osborne Stabler and Robert Miller.

The meeting was called to order by C. L. Gilpin. William Moore was
asked to act as foreman for the walk.

On account of the season our walk only took us to the near by spots;
we were shown 20 very fine black beef cattle in splendid condition, but
on account of the very low price of beef, were being kept with hopes of
a better market.

We were also shown some wonderful corn, especially for this year,
it having been one of the worst we have ever had for corn. I am sure the
members of our Club would do well to take the same care, as does Albert,
in selecting their seed corn. He has shown conclusively that the select-
ion of seed is one of the greatest factors in producing a corn crop.

On re-assembling at the house the old and last minutes were read,
the latter approved.

Two very nice letters from "cousin" Tom Lea were read, which showed
the keen interest he has, and has always had in our club. It is with
regret to us that he is too far away to attend our meetings.

As usual at the December meeting, a committee was appointed to
arrange the annual meeting of the Farmers Convention.

The Chairman appointed William Moore, Milton Bancroft and Harry
Stabler to act in our behalf.

Crop Prices:

Wheat $I.64 bu. Apples $I.00-$2.00 bu.
Corn $5.00-$6.00 bb. Potatoes $I.00 bu.
Hay $21.00-$22.00 T. Hogs $0.10 lb.
Beef Cattle $0.08 1/4 lb.

A call from the dinning [sic] rooms was quickly responded to, and we
were very soon convinced that the price of beef cattle played no part
in providing a bountiful and delicious turkey dinner. There was no ev-
idence of Albert's inability to feed both beef cattle and the Club.

On resuming business, B. H. Miller told us how he had, very suc-
cessfully, cleared the rust from the water pipes on his farm, which
had been in use about 40 years, by the use of MUA acid, using a sol-
ution of one part acid to seven of water. mur[iate]


Albert Stabler, after explaining his method of feeding his steers,
asked if he should continue as heretofore; he was advised to reduce the
amount of corn meal and increase the amount of corn.

Samuel Bond got little encouragement towards improving the con-
dition of his walnut trees; which were drop[p]ing leaves too early and not
producing a full crop of nuts.

Lamar Jackson wants to buy 4 dressed hogs - none for sale.

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