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waiting for time to haul it on the land,
the corn house we supposed was free from corn
as the was seen in the corn field getting
corn to feed the mules. after returning to
the House the minutes of the last meeting were
read & the following questions asked and

1st What is it worth to feed horses with hay for five months?
Ans $6 (2) $8 (5) $7 (4) $9 (1) $10 (1)

2nd Which had I better sell at Present?
Ans Hay (8) Wheat (2) Potatoes (1)

3d Will it do to husk corn now?
7 say yes 3 say No.
all say fill the house slowly

4th Will it do to thresh clover seed now.
Ans Advised to wait till it gets colder.

5th Which had I best do bury my Potatoes or Haul?
Ans advised to Haul

6th What is the price of Husking corn?
Majority say 250 pr barrel

7th What is the price of Corn pr barrel?
Majority say $5.

8th What are nubbins worth?
Ans Half the price of good corn

9th What would be a fair allowance of wood for our hands?
Ans from 7 to 10 cords a year

Then adjourned to Chas H Brooke's the usual time next
TJ Lea sec

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