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record the minutesof the Association

We then walked out under the lead of the foreman, to make
a survey of our hosts premises, but as the walking was wretched
did not go very far; the attention of members was called to a patent
hinge upon the stable door, which opens equally well in all directions, w
we also noticed a corn house, which did not seem to be entirely mouse
proof; & two very large potato cellars containing a few very
small potatoes; our attention was also directed to a very fine
team of mules which was just being unhitched; we then proceeded to
the bone mill, which our host is now rebuilding for the third time
& which will no doubt be an improvement upon its predecessors.

We then adjourned to the house, where after discussing a very
bountiful supper provided by our hostess, the following questions
were asked & answered. Viz: lst When an Ice House is partly full,
should you cover the ice with sawdust while waiting for another
2nd. Would you buy cattle at 6 cts per lb, to keep till next fall?
No by all
3rd. Will it pay to buy cattle now & sell next fall at the same price?
No by all.
4th. Will it pay to have a hot-bed for your own use alone?
Yes by all but one.
5th. What is the proper time to start a hot-bed?
About the let of March
6th. How can toads be kept from rooting up rose slips in an old hot-bed?
No experience in such matters.
7th. Will it do to plow as soon as the frost is out & the ground will bear the team?
Yes, at this time of year.
8th. Is it better to feed rye chop, wet or dry?
Five in favor of each method.
9th. Should feed be ground fine or coarse?
Nine say fine, & one coase.
10th. Would you plant trees in the spring or wait until after locust year?
Plant in the spring.
11th What is the best plan for troughs & mangers for horses?
Long troughs put up high, with mangers beneath.
12th. What wages are you paying this year?
Average price $13.50 per month, about the same as last year.
13th. What kind of manure do you expect to use for potatoes in the spring?
A Majority will use Fish Guano, & some

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