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On the 30th of 12th mo 1865.Frederick Stabler, Asa M Stabler
& Samuel Hopkins met at the house of Benjn H Miller at three
o clock in the afternoon for the purpose of forming a Farmer's
club upon a similar plan to that which has been in such
successful operation for so many years past. Upon
motion of Saml Hopkins, Benjn H Miller was requested to act as
Secretary for the evening

After a full discussion of the subject it was decided
that the following named persons should be invited to join the
association: viz: Wm S Bond, Chas H Brooke, Wm S Brooke,-
Roger B Farquhar, Granville Farquhar, Samuel Hopkins,
Thos J Lea, Benjn H Miller, Wm W Moore, Arthur Stab1er, Asa M
Stabler, Frederick Stabler, Phillip T Stab1er, Robt M Stabler,
and Edward P Thomas, & the Secretary was directed to inform
them of the fact, & invite them to attend our next meeting to be
held on the 2nd 7th day of 1st mo 1866.

After some further conversation we adjourned to meet
two weeks hence at the house of Wm S Bond, provided he consents
to become a member; otherwise the Secretary was directed
to call the meeting elsewhere.

lst mo 13th 1866

The clubmet at the house of Wm S Bond, where our
host, Chas H Brooke, Granville Farquhar, Saml Hopkins,
Benjn H Miller, Wm W Moore, Asa M Stabler, Fred Stabler, Philip
T Stabler, Robt M Stabler & Edwd P Thomas, were present.

Frederick Stabler was appointed Foreman; Benjn H Miller
then read the minutes of the preliminary meeting held on the 30th of
12th mo 1865, which were adopted; after which Benjn H Miller was appointed Sec. for the ensuing year, & was directed to purchase a book in which to

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