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We propose forming an association for improvement
in Agriculture upon the sociable principle of a
mutual interchange of visits.

For this purpose we agree to meet at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon of the 2nd 7th day in every month, taking
each member's house in rotation. When assembled, we
shall proceed to inspect the crops, stock, farm implements
and contrivances,& inquire into the modes of culture, and
general system of arrangement, pursued by the member at
whose house we may be. A free interchange of ideas
upon agricultural subjects will be expected on the part
of all; and if any member is making experiments which
are likely to be useful or interesting we shall take
special care to notice their progress & results.

When the examinations are completed, we will
return to the house, and after taking tea, each member
shall propose any question or questions, which he may
wish to have answered, & if so requested, the opinion
of each member may be called for upon the subject.

We adopt for our government, no rules or regulations,
other than those which should always prevail in
good society, with the single exception, that it shall be
both the privilege & duty of each member to criticize freely
the arrangements that may come under his observation.

The number of regular members is limited to 15
but it shall be the privilege of each member, to invite any
person he may choose to attend the meeting at his house

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