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Cloudy -
Ther. 73 Monday, July 2,d 1894. E. Wind.

After breakfast I drove over to Brighton
to E. Peirces & brought Dora home, it commenced
raining gently about 1. o'clk p.m.
and we hoped it would continue long
enough to give the ground a much needed
soaking, but it only lasted long enough
to lay the dust. Fletcher Clark's daughter
was here for advice & medicine for her
poisoned face & lips. Towards evening
Robert Blair came in & cut my hair for
me. I went to the P.O. After the mail
came in but there was no letter for us
from Lincoln or Purcellville.

Clear -
Ther. 72 Tuesday, 3,d S.W. Wind.

Still quite hot & dry. Hilles & Frank
Robison went through our early corn
with the cultivator. Ernest Iddings
called to see us. Old Chas. Hammond
was here with a "sprained" elbow, and
I bandaged it for him. After supper
Saml Bond Jr: was here to consult
me professionally.

Clear -
Ther. 72 Wednesday, July 4, th 1894. N.W. & S Wind.

After breakfast I took H & Dora
in the Surry up to Brighton to call upon
Edwd Peirce's family, home to dinner.
I do not feel well, being threatened with
"cholera morbus". Kept as quiet as possible
all afternoon. Sent advice & medicine
(by mail) to Mrs R Roland Moore Jr.
for her little daughter "Dassah"
After supper Tilghman Mitchel's daughter
& John Waters daughter came to
have a tooth "doctored" for the latter.
She would not have it extracted.

Clear -
Ther. 72° Thursday 5,th N.W. & S Wind.

Clear & dry - I drove to Riverside
Phil" going with me as far as Duck's -
Bro: C & wife called. Mr R. V. Hall, agent
for the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co:
was here to see me. I am still feeling
somewhat "under the weather" & cannot
endure much exertion, "giving out"
very easily, especially in the sun.

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