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Clear -
Ther. 72 Thursday, June 28,th 1894. N.W. Wind.

Beautiful June day, warm in the sun
but a refreshing breeze blowing all day -
I drove over to Riverside, Harriet & Dora
going with me in the "surry." We called
at "Eldon" going over & at "Homewood"
as we returned. Reached home at
lunch time. Afternoon I rode over
to prescribe for old Sarah Hammond,
Old Charles having come after me early
this morning. This is the first evening
that there has been no appearance of
a thunder gust for sometime, & yet
the gardens are suffering for want of
rain; the rains having passed around
either nort or south of us.

Ther. Friday 29,th Wind.

Last Sunday was the hottest day we have had but
although it is not so high by thermometer, it is more
oppressive & prostrating than any day this summer
so far. The "hot spell" is lasting too long for us. I am
not feeling at all well, threatened with "peritonitus".
Afternoon Lizzie Scott called and
spent an hour or two. Letter from Edwd says
Charley is still sick & E cannot come home on
Monday next as proposed. I am quite anxious
lest he also should be taken sick this hot
weather: he cannot stand much confinement
or exposure to the hot sun.

Clear -
Ther.72 Saturday, June 30,th 1894. S.W. Wind.

Still hot & dry, a thunderstorm passed
around north of us between midnight last
& this morning but no rain here. Our garden
& truck patch is suffering for want of rain.
I am feeling rather better than yesterday but
still feel some abdominal soreness. Thermometer
stood at 93° at 4 o'clock p.m; if it were
not for a gentle breeze from the South, we
would suffer greatly from the heat. Fanny
Peirce came in the afternoon & took Dora
home with her, leaving H and myself to
keep house alone as when we commenced
housekeeping 35 years ago; our children
all being away from home.

Clear -
Ther. 72° Sunday, July 1,st S.E. Wind.

Another hot day, with a breeze
blowing from the South & South east,
which prevents us from feeling it as
much as we otherwise should. I went
to meeting, where we had a sermon from
Edwd: Farquhar, I walked up to
Cammel's to prescribe for "Lilly" Awkard's
infant son. I felt the effects of the heat
very much when in the sun on the turnpike
going up to "Sharp St." & came through
the woods in returning. "Charley" Hopkins
(of Lea's) came early this a.m. to have a
tooth extracted & I sent him away, but he
came again towards evening & I took it
out for him, with the usual accompanyment
of "howling" & bellowing on his part.

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