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Clear -
Ther. 70 Wednesday, June 20,th 1894. S.W. Wind.

I drove to Rockville to be "registered"
as a physician & Surgeon, in
compliance with the new law
passed by the last legislature.
Hilles Robison went with me, we
reached home soon after 1-o'clk
It was hot & dusty, and hard on
the horse. After supper I walked
up to the store & P.O.

Clear -
Ther. 68° Thursday, 21,st Wind.

I was called up this morning at 5-
o. clock & after breakfast I went over
to the old Geo: Sprigg house to attend
John Green's wife in confinement &
left them a little girl born at about
10-45 a.m. I put my horse in Gilbert
Smith's stable until after the affair
was over and stopped there long enough
to smoke a pipe before coming home
and was at home in time for lunch.
Afternoon Dora went up to the store.
After supper H & Dora walked down to
"Bloomfield" to call upon Hallie Bentley,
but found the house shut up & no one at home.

Clear -
Ther. 70 Friday, June 22,d 1894. S. & N.W. Wind.

Beautiful harvest weather for farmers
many of whom are cutting wheat. The wind
was from the South all night & early this morning
but changed to N.W. blowing a fine
refreshing breeze after 10. o'clk this a.m.
I drove down to Ashton & bought material
("black cashmere") for a summer coat, & took
it to Mrs Jno Abel to make up for me. I
drove on to "Riverside" to see Bro: Richard.
called at Geo: Stabler's & got some swt: potatoe
plants, also at "Eldon" & got our lawn mower
which Thos Lea has put in order, he came
with me as far as Ashton as I came home.
I found the potatoe bugs were still plenty, & went
over them again until the Paris Green gave out.

Clear -
Ther. 75° Saturday, 23,d N.W. Wind.

This has been the hottest day we have
had so far this year: thermometer 95° at
3.o'clk p.m. in the shade. I finished going
over the potatoes with Paris Green. Afternoon
Frank Robison took a note to "Marden" & brought
home an "atomizer". he went on horseback. I took
some medicine & an atomizer (for Hallie Lea) up
to Fred Iddings at the Telegraph Office for him to
take over to her this evening, in response to a
note from her to me this morning, sent by "Phil."
H recd another letter from Edwd.

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