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Clear -
Ther. 72o Tuesday, June 12th 1894. NW Wind.

Very warm all day until after we
had a thunderstorm in the afternoon.
Hilles Robison went to Fletcher Clark's and
brought back his spring wagon soon after
breakfast: he & I went down to the little
Meeting house & hauled home the small
"jag" of hay Sam Budd cut on Saturday.
After the thunder storm I hoed the
Lima beans. & went up to the store &
shops. I have not felt very well all
day, the weather being too hot for me.
It is much cooler this evening. the
thermometer being ten degrees lower at
supper time than at breafast this a.m.

Hazy -
Ther. 67° Wednesday 13th S.E. Wind.

Harry Wetherald came for me to go
to their house to prescribe for Kate
Stabler. I drove down there after breakfast
calling at the store at Ashton.
Afternoon I went over the potatoes
again with Paris green to keep the
bugs down. I also used the bramble
scythe cutting down "burrdocks" and
other weeds around the yard etc.
After supper I walked up to the P.O.
hoping to hear from our folks in Va:
but nothing had come from them.

Clear -
Ther. 58° Thursday June 14,th 1894. N.E. Wind.

I went over the potatoes again with
Paris green and drove down to Ashton to
see Kate Stabler again. Afternoon Miss
Mary Colt, Mrs. Chester Colt & Hallie
Lea called for a special visit to H
& Dora. This has been a lovely summer
day, bright & clear but cool enough
to be pleasant, followed by a beautiful
moonlight night up to bed time.
We received a letter from Edwd: who
reports that they got along very well
on their way from Mr Mathew's over to
Lincoln Va: via Hoods Mills & Brunswick.

Clear -
Ther. Friday, 15th Wind.

I drove down to Ashton & left
an "inhaler" with Kate Stabler, also
called to See Mrs. Jno: Abel, met Miss
Hannum on the road & had some talk
with her about Edwd. I wrote to Willie
& walked up to the store. Jas. P. Stabler
& Saml Bond Jr.: called to see me about
putting the telephone poles & wires on
our side of the road. After supper
I went to the Lyceum & heard the best
lecture I have ever heard there, from
Gen John B Gordon, Senator from Georgia,
his subject was "The last days of the Confederacy".
I reminded him of my meeting him in
Virginia a few days after the surrender at
Appomattox Court House. He rembered it
very distinctly & said he was glad to meet me

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