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Ther. 50° Friday, June 8th 1894. N.W Wind.

I went to the Sherwood School closing
exercises. Edwd was there all day. Dora
went to the Library for Miss May Fowler
and was there all day. Afternoon I drove
over to Riverside to see Bro Richard.
After supper I went over the potato
patch again after the "bugs" with Paris
green & plaster. Cousin Ellie Chandlee
called in afternoon. I went up to the
store with the milk can about dusk.

Cloudy & Haizy
Ther. 65° Saturday 9th S. Wind.

Blk Sam Budd came this morning to cut
the grass around the "little Meeting House."
I rode down on horseback to see after
his work. "Frank" Robison helped him,
cutting weeds & e with the bramble scythe.
Miss Hannum gave permission for us
to also cut the grass on the "Sherwood"
School Lot. Fanny Peirce was here in the
afternoon. Edwd went to "Cloverley" & borrowed
John Bentley's "jump seat rockaway" to go to
"Hazeldene" tomorrow, our carriage being
too heavy for one horse over the hills
betweene here & there, & Dora also is to
go & return tomorrow. Edwd expects to
remain at Mr Mathew's & go to Loudown Co
with Charley & Ida on Monday to make
a visit to them.

Hazy & Clear -
Ther. 64. Sunday June 10,th 1894. N.W.Wind.

Dora & Edward (with Willie Grady
driving them) left home at 7.o'clk this morning
for "Greenwood;" Edward to remain at
Hazeldene tonight & go with Charley
& Ida tomorrow to Lincoln via "Hood's
Mills" & Brunswick. I went to Quarterly
meeting, which was very pleasant
and well attended although not so
crowded as sometimes in the past.
Afternoon I went to Henderson's.
Dora reached home about dusk
Fanny Peirce coming with her.

Clear -
Ther. 66° Monday 11th N.W. Wind.

Another beautiful day but very warm.
Dora, Fanny Peirce & I went to Quarterly
meeting again. We had an excellent
sermon from John Cornell & also
from William Way. There was quite
a goodly gathering of "Friends," but
not a "crowd." A young colored man
was here before breakfast named Frank
Thomas & had a tooth extracted or
rather I tried to extract it & it broke
off, being nothing but a shell of bine.
Fanny Peirce walked home after

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