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Cloudy -

Ther. 65° Friday. May 11th 1894. Changable Wind.

Cloudy & threatening. I am afraid the Washington
excursion of Sherwood School tomorrow, will
have unfavorable weather for their trip.
H & I planted 52 hills of "Lima beans." I planted
the poles & made up most of the hills. Afternoon
Edwd & I planted 3 more rows of sweet corn.
I threw out more than an wagonload of manure
that had accumulated in a pile in the back
part of the stable. I am feeling very tired
to night. We were anxious to get as much
done as possible in the garden, before it
rains again, & whilst the ground is in condition.
After supper Edwd, Hillis & I washed
the surry, & greased it, all ready for a start
tomorrow morning. Edwd gave us a "fright"
at bed time. In getting ready for tomorrow he set
a lamp too near a lace curtain around the "looking
glass" in his room, it took fire, but he succeeded
in putting it out without doing much damage.

Clear -
Ther. Saturday 12th Wind

It cleared off during last night and this
morning promises a beautiful day for the School
excursion to Washington. Dora, Edward Hillis
Robison & Katy Henderson left here in the Surry
at 6 - 10 this morning, intending to drive to "Silver
Spring" where they are to meet the others & take
the Electric cars to Washington where they will
be met by Mr Spofford, who will take charge of
them & show them around the city. Alice &
Fanny Peirce called here in the morning. I went
up to the mill & to Henderson's house for the
papers. The children reached home safely at
9-30 p.m. Very tired, but having enjoyed
the trip very much. Cousins Clara and
Edwd Leadbeater & Hallie Bentley called
in the afternoon.

Clear -
Ther. 65° Sunday, May 13th 1894. N.W. Wind.

Another beautiful day. I drove over
to Riverside to see Bro: Richard again
& home to dinner. Edwd also walked over
& dined & took supper there coming home
before dark. Mr. A. G. Matthews called
this afternoon on his way to Mr Holland's
where he expects to spend the night, and
go to Washington tomorrow. I am not
feeling at all well, having over exerted
myself within the past two or three
days, and perhaps taken some cold.

Clear -
Ther. 55° Monday, 14th N.E. Wind.

I drove down to Ashton after which
J.T. Henderson & I went to the Insurance
office, and together with Benj D Palmer
"qualified" as District Trustees of our
public School making affirmation
before Allan Farquhar (Notary Public).
This being "Whitsuntide" the colored folks
have been on the roads all day, having
some kind of a "big meeting" at Brighton
It looks like rain; which would be
very acceptable as the ground is very
dry, & the roads dusty.

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