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Clear -
Ther. 65 Thursday. May 3d, 1894 Wind.

Left F. Tyson's in Balto: after early breakfast
he came with me to Camden Station
where I took the express train arriving in Laurel
in time to take the early Stage for home
which I reached safely at 10-30 a.m.
glad to be home again after an extremely
pleasant visit to my dear old friend who
came to see me whilst I was ill last autumn.
Afternoon Edwd went to "Wrenwood" & brought
home the melodeon. Hillis & Frank went with
him in the surry. "Jim" Scott's wife called &
paid one dollar on ther bill.

Cloudy -
Ther. 58° Friday. 4th Changable Wind.

Dull cloudy morning looks as
if it would rain soon "Phil" & Frank" Robison
came & ran out the rows & put in manure
for 12 rows of potatoes which we planted. I went
to Jos: Stabler's & got the seed potatoes which are
a new kind. "New York Early Blush" & said to
be an excellent variety. Bro Richd and Sister
Lizzie called for an hour this afternoon.
Afternoon "Phil" took "Frank" & the phaeton & went down
to Edwd P Thoma's for their seed potatoes. "John" came &
ran out more rows. & brought a bushel of "Mammoth
Pearl" seed potatoes from Jos Stabler's, & cut them, ready
to plant tomorrow if the ground continues fit.
H. & I planted 4 rows of Landreth's Extra early sweet
corn, across the lot neat below the wood house.
We had quite a shower about dinner time. After
supper Edwd rode over to "Sharon" to a meeting of the
"dance class". John" got supper here.

Cloudy -
Ther. 60 Saturday. May 5th, 1894. E & N.E. Wind.

We had two showers between mid night &
day-light this morning. "Phil" borrowed the horse
to ride over to Dr. Manakee's to have a tooth extracted.
After he returned they used the horse
to lay off their lot in corn rows. I walked down
to Ashton & back before lunch time. Afternoon
walked up to Henderson's for the papers. Dr. Brooke
called to report the result of an analysis of a
sample I gave him for that purpose. It commenced
raining about sunset accompanied
by some thunder & lightning. Alice Robinson
(a colored girl) came to the office to
consult me, with "tooth ache" etc. After supper
Edwd went to the store. We had a real thunder
storm about 9. o'clk p.m. & quite heavy rain.

Cloudy -
Ther. 67 Sunday 6th SE Wind.

It rained several times during last night
& is threatning this morning & quite warm. I am
not feeling very well, and "stiff" & sore with some
head ache. the weather is depressing; damp & warm.
Edwd & I went to meeting & heard an excellent
sermon from Edwd Farquhar. Afternoon I took
a long "nap". after which I took the milk can
up to S.S. & mailed letters to C. & W. quite a
heavy storm passed around to the north
of us, about supper time, it passed quite
near to us, & at one time seemed as if we
would get a full share of it. We may still
have one before morning. Another storm came
up from N.W. about 8. o'clock, of which we had
our share, and another about 9-45. which
was the heaviest electric storm we have had
for a long time accompanied by a heavy down-pour-
of rain.

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