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Clear -
Ther. 48o Wednesday, April 25th, 1894 N.W. Wind.

Beautiful cool day. "Jimmy" Abel sent
for me to see his infant again. I drove
down there before dinner. After noon I
walked down to Ashton. After dark
they sent for me to go & prescribe for
Gideon Gilpin. I walked up to see him
Miss Mary Fowler came in and sat
awhile with us.

Clear -
Ther. 52 Thursday 26th South Wind

Another lovely spring day. I went up
to the village & rode down to Ashton on
horseback Tillman Mitchell's son came
& plowed the lot for us, finishing before
dinner time. Afternoon I rode down to
Ashton again, Fred Iddings came for me
to go to see Bro: Richard, & I rode over there
on horseback, calling (as I returned) at
"Eldon" to enquire after Sister B . About
50 or 60 men claiming to be followers of
the "Coxey" movement are camped for
the night just below Ashton, on their way
to Washington via Rockville. Many persons
have gone to see them & hear one of them
("Jones") deliver a harrangue to such as
are willing to listen to him. I declined to give
encouragement to them even by my presence
not being an advocate of anarchy in any

Clear & Cloudy
Ther. Friday, April 27th, 1894. Changable Wind.

I walked down to Mr C M Colt's to see the
"Coxieites" encamped in & around the School
house beyond his house. One of them called to
see me professionally, he claimed to be a nephew
of old Dr. Wm Handy of Baltimore, who was
a brother-in law of Thos Tyson, both of whom
died years ago. The rest of them (about 50) came
along about noon: "a hard looking set & draging
a wagon with ropes, & accompanied by a bull dog
"(Coxie") who was apparently the best bred
individual of the crowd. Afternoon Alice
Peirce came walking from Homewood.
After supper "John" came & I loaned him "Frank"
to ride over to Brookeville. Jas T Henderson came
down to talk with me about the Coxey movement
he is much excited over it & believes we
will have serious times before it is put down.

Clear -
Ther. Saturday 28th S.E. Wind.

"Phil" rode Frank to Riverside & brought Bro:
C's horse "Charley" back with him & useing him
& "Frank" together he rubbed & harrowed the lot
getting it into good condition. Mrs Thomas who
lives at W W Moore's was here for advice & medicine
Alice Peirce walked to "Oakley" to call. Afternoon
Frank Snowden sent a cartload of straw, &
took a load of manure. Thunder gust came up
about 4-30 p.m. Edwd went to "Wrenwood and
finished tuning their piano, getting home before
the rain came. I walked up to the store after
the rain, calling at Billy Oldfield's. After supper
Mrs. Jno: Abel called, & I went with her
up to J T Henderson's where she paid me
part of her bill. I walked up to the store
again. Another thunder storm at 10-20 p.m.
when it commenced & lasted until near midnight
& rained at intervals until near morning.

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