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Clear & Cloudy -
Ther. 52° Tuesday, April 17th 1894. Variable Wind.

J T Henderson & his daughter Ella went
to Rockville in the morning, & afternoon
he and I went to the school house
& signed Miss Schreiner's report &
I walked up to Jim Scott's for some
money he promised me but got none.
as I might have expected. After supper
Mrs Robison & "Phil" came in for a short
time. I am feeling very blue, am not
at all well. Rheumatic pains in my
shoulders & hips. Went up to the mill
& to Henderson's for the papers.

Cloudy & Clearing -
Ther. 48° Wednesday 18th E. Wind

"John" called before dinner time
Cousin Hallie Bentley also called.
Afternoon I rode down to see Frank
Snowden about getting some straw.
The old man "Reasin Perry" (colored)
who was bitten by a Rabid dog about
three weeks since died of hydrophobia
last night. Mr: Wm Laird called.
Weather looks, & feels like more rain
very soon.

Ther. 58° Thursday April 19th 1894 S Wind.

Colored boy "Clifton Thomas," who
"stutters," was here & had tooth extracted.
I went up to the mill for the papers. Hallie
Bentley & Mrs Fuller called to see about
our taking little "Frank" Fuller to board
next autumn, when school commences
after the summer vacation. Dr. Brooke
called at the gate & I sent by him a sample
from a patient to be tested for diabetic
sugar - Uncle Henson called to see me.
After supper Dora & Edwd went to the
annual meeting of the Lyceum Co:

Cloudy & Clearing
Ther. 62° Friday 20th S. Wind.

Dull morning. Afternoon Perry
Thornton came for me & I rode down to
see his wife, they live in the house with
Chas. Thornton near Hawling's River, after
relieving her I called at Riverside to see
Bro: Richard. & also at Wrenwood to see
Mrs. Corchrane. & home in time to escape
a thunder-storm. After supper Edwd rode
over to A.G. Thomas' to a continuation of
the "dance class," which has moved from
Lizzie Scott's. It looks like more storm.
before midnight. 2d thunder-storm commenced
at 9-30 p.m., lightning severe, our "lightning arrester
prevented a serious accident in my office, it "took"
the wires, & blackened the arrester with a report
like a rifle shot.

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