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Ther 68o Wed, May 10, 1893 N.W. Wind

After breakfast at the Astor
House with T.H.B. I went to his
office with him & then to Bro
Wm's place of business to see
"Charley Frey" Iddings & then
down to the old "Castle Garden"
to see the British war ships pass
out on their return home from
the Grand Naval Review, which
took place some days ago .
I had a fine view of them as
they passed. Fort William , firing
a National Salute which was
returned from the Fort Mrs. Borden
& Miss Sherman met me there &
we returned together. I bade them
good bye & also T.H.B. & took the
boat for Hoboken & Orange arriving
at Bro Wm's about 5 pm.
where I was kindly welcomed by
them all. Enjoyed some fine
music in the evening. Millie and
Lola playing some duetts.

Ther. 69o Thurs. May 11th , 1893 N.W. Wind

Slept well last night and
after breakfast Bro William
& I took a walk around "Orange"
which has many beautiful homes
it reminds me of Cambridge Mass:
After returning Mr F Cleveland
came & we helped Wm build
a "timber-wall" on one side
of his lawn. Mr. Cleveland
remained to dinner in the
evening Millie & Lola gave
us some fine music both
vocal & instrumental

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