Diary: Caleb E. Iddings, 1892



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Clear 22o Ther. THURS. JAN 7th, 1892 N.W. Wind

Clear & cold. the sleighing is excellent Willie took Fanny Peirce home, driving "Fritz" to the sleigh. After his return I took "Frank" down to Boswell's & from there over to Branson Cook's & Roland Moore's and up to Marden to see Mrs. Tyson again & home. Willie going with me (except to "Marden") when he went to the store & helped them until they "shut up" at night. I feel very tired this evening.

Clear Ther. 10o FRIDAY 8th N.W. Wind

Still clear & frosty; the sleighing even better than yesterday. I was quite unwell this forenoon but am feeling much better this evening. Sent "Frank" to T Marlow's and had him newly shod "all around" with sharp steel toes to all of the shoes. Afternoon was called to prescribe for little Beulah Henderson. after which I drove down to see Nicholas Boswell again. called at Bulwar's & at the store. Ashton. Cliford Waters went home after supper & Willie took "Frank" for a moonlight sleigh ride.

Clear & Cloudy Ther. 20o SAT. JAN. 9th, 1892 Variable Wind Willie was at the store again all day & in the evening. I went up to Henderson's again to see little Beulah who I believe has "measles." I drove down to Ashton & to see Rosina Bowen. before 2 o'clk p.m., and again towards evening, & again after supper by moonlight. Jas T Henderson going with me. We recd: a box containing china &c from Sister Harriet (in Philadelphia) it came from Laurel with it A.S. Thomas' goods last evening. & "Billy Jack" Squirrel wheeled it up from Ashton; there were 148 pieces of china in it, & only 1 broken. Sleighing still first rate.

Cloudy & Clearing Ther. 20 SUNDAY 10th Wind N.E.

I drove down to B Owen Hardy's & prescribed for his infant son "Grover" and to Nicholas Boswell's & called at "Alf" Bell's & prescribed for his boy "Levi." Willie going with me. James T. Henderson was at the office & reports little Beulah broken out with "measles" as I told them was her disease. Afternoon Dora & Willie drove over to Riverside in the sleigh & remained to tea. coming home by moonlight. Loaned my sleigh to Mrs. Jos. Grady after noon to go to "Norbeck."

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Cloudy & Threatening Ther. 24o MON. JAN. 11th, 1892 Wind N.E.

Raw & chilly all day. Willie was at the store all day. I "tinkered" at my sleigh, altering the shaft attachments & put a new bolt in the singletree &c Drove down to Ashton & up to Sandy Spring.

Foggy & "Drizzle" 33o Ther. TUESDAY 12th Wind S.E.

I drove down to see N Boswell again. Jas T Henderson going with me. Sent medicine to "Amersley" by Wm W Moore & to "Marden" by "Turner" down to Miss Marcella Boswell by a boy whom she sent for it. I walked up to the store after dinner sleighing is going rapidly. Mr. C M Colt called & paid his bill. Commenced raining about 3-30 p.m. & continued all the evening. Martha Bowen was here for medicine for her mother. Willie was at the store all day again.

Drizzle & Rain

Ther. 33o WED. JAN. 13th, 1892 Wind S.E.

This has been a disagreeable "raw" day. Willie was at the store all day again. Mrs. Thos Marlow was here to consult me for herself. Benj D Palmer called to see me about the School & Farmers' Convention &c. Sam Budd cut wood for us in the wood shed. I went up to the store & took H's felt shoes to Oldfields shop & fixed them for her. Miss Mary Annis Stabler died at 2 o'clk this p.m. Walked up to the store after supper.

Foggy, Cloudy & Rainy Ther. 60o THURSDAY 14th Wind Variable

Extremely warm & close this morning. dark & cloudy & rainy all the forenoon. Willie drove over to Riverside for my "natural leaf" tobacco and after dinner went with me to Boswell's & to "Marden", & after supper he took Mary Wilson to the Lyceum to a lecture. I walked up to see "Len" Purvis child after dark, he having come after me. Mrs. R R Moore Jr. sent for advice & medicine also Branson Cook. Griffith Search was here to see me about some business of Charley's. Lucinda Thomas was here to see me for her mother. The snow is all gone & the roads are very muddy & bad.

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Snow Snow Ther. 33o FRI. JAN. 15th, 1892 Wind NE & NW

It commenced snowing violently before day light & continued until after 10 o'clk the wind blowing a "blizzard" first from N.E. & changed to N.W. drifting the snow badly. Willie & I drove to Boswell's in the sleigh before dinner call at John Bowen's at Ashton store. It has been the most stormy disagreeable day we have had thus far this winter. Willie painted his sleigh & made a sled for "Phil" Robison. Mary Annis Stabler was buried at "Woodside Cemetery this afternoon: it was too stormy for any of us to attend the funeral. After supper Willie went to T.J. Lea's to take Miss Wilson a short sleigh ride. by moonlight the weather having partly cleared off & grown much colder but no wind blowing, as it had been all day. until sun down.

Clear Ther. 12o SATURDAY 16th Wind N.W.

Clear & cold. I drove to N Boswell's before dinner calling at Ashton to see Mr. Evan's. Willie going with me. Afternoon I drove over to R R Moore Jr's to see their boy "Henry" W going with me again. He afterward drove "Fritz" to Ashton & back, the first time he has been driven for almost two weeks. Willie & I witnessed Nicholas Boswell's "will" this morning. A.G. Thomas having written it for him. at his request.

Clear Ther. 1o SUN. JAN. 17th, 1892 Wind W

The coldest morning whe have had so far this winter. Chas. Howard was here to see me before breakfast & also "Turner" with a note from "Marden." I drove (in the sleigh) to Marden & from there to Perry Thomas' & thence to Chas. Howard's then down to Nicholas Boswell's and home to dinner. Afternoon drove over to RR Moone Jr's to see little Henry again & I also examined & prescribed for Miss E Canby. W with me all day. he took Dora to E Peirces to tea after our return from "Amersley."

Rain Ther. 32o MONDAY 18th Wind N.E.

Disagreeable rain & sleet all day. I drove down to old "Jimmy" Howards in the sleigh & from there to Boswell's calling at Ashton, thence to "Marden" to see Mrs. & Beatrix Tyson & home to dinner. I went in the rain & sleet & got somewhat wet: Willie went with me. "Bob" Johnson was here & had a tooth extracted. I walked over to the School house in afternoon. I have had head ache all day, & fear I have taken cold. Was called out in the rain & darkness after night and drove over to Philip Stabler's Willie going with me. Philip's daughter "Virginia" having taken sick

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Rain Sleet & Snow Ther. 35 o TUES. JAN. 18th, 1892 Wind Variable

Willie was at the store all day. I drove to "Marden" Turner coming after me early this morning thence to Philip Stabler's and Richard Proctor's he also having come for me before I was up. from there down to Nicholas Boswell's. Phil Robison going with me. I bought new "enameled canvass" for an apron for the phaeton. at S.S. Reed & answered letter from Charley. Farmers' Convention met at the Lyceum the inclement weather made the attendance rather smaller than usual. This has been an unusually disagreeable day - Rain & drizzle all forenoon & high wind with hail & sleet towards night growing much colder. and bringing more snow.

Clear Ther. 8o WEDNESDAY 20th Wind N.W.

Snowd again last night & is very cold this morning with strong N.W. wind. Willie went with me in the sleigh down to Boswell's & up to "Marden." sleighing is very good again but rough. verry little snow having fallen, but there is plenty of ice under it. Mrs. Isaac Hartshorne died last night of pneumonia, following influenza. also old "Jimmy" Howard of the same diseases. Lewellen Stabler was here for advice & medicine for Margt: T. Moore. Nicholas Boswell's team brought us three barrels more corn (on the cob) Willie went into the store again after dinner to help them. Edwd Gilpin (of Gideon) put his two horses in our stable for tonight. I bought some fish of "Petitt" which turned out to be spoiled. Which is the second time I have been caught by him in the same way.

Clear Ther. 10 THURS. JAN. 21st Wind N.W.

Still clear & cold. Clifford Waters came before breakfast. I drove to "Marden" (in the sleigh), and down to Boswell's where I met Dr. W.H. Hardy in consultation. Willie with me. Afternoon I walked up to Gideon Gilpin's & prescribed for Mrs. Gilpin. Willie & Dora went to Mrs. Isaac Hartshorne's funeral. Edwd Gilpin borrowed W's sleigh. and when he returned he took me up to "Marden" to see Mrs Tyson again towards evening. After supper Willie & Clifford Waters went to Thos J Lea's to spend the evening.

Clear & Cloudy Ther. 23o FRIDAY 22d, 1892 Wind Variable

The air feels raw & like snow again. I drove to "Marden" in the road cart. & down to Boswells before dinner Afternoon I drove to Marden again & called at Gideon Gilpin's to prescribe again for Mrs. G. and after returning about dusk over to Philip T. Stabler's to see Mrs. Stabler. Fanny Peirce came after dinner and took Dora to call at Mr. F. Downey's. I went in the sleigh to Marden & P.T. Stabler's Clarence Leizear (from Jno Abel's) was here afternoon, for advice & medicine I called at Ent's to see Mr. Evans Lizzie Stabler called at the office after breakfast to report Mrs. Tyson' condition

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Cloudy Ther. 33o SAT. JAN. 23d, 1892 Wind Variable

I drove to "Marden" & to Boswell's where I met Dr. Hardy again. Afternoon I went to "Marden" again and called to see Mrs. Gideon Gilpin also down to Ashton to Ents. to see M K Evans. Mrs: Estelle Moore called to see me about Mrs Tyson Willie went with me in my drives Fanny Peirce went home before dinner. Mary Hill (John Ed's wife) was here for advice & medicine for her son. "Jim" Powell cleaned out the ice house. this morning. I am not feeling very. well , but hope I can keep up during this very busy time as I have all I can attend to keeping me going all the time. I fear there is another storm "brewing."

Cloudy Ther. 32o SUNDAY 24th Wind Variable

Very raw & chilly. I drove up to "Marden" & remained all the morning. She Mrs Tyson being extremely ill. Alice & Fanny Peirce came and dined here "Clifford" staid here last night & went home after breakfast this morning. Afternoon went down to Boswell's calling to see Rosena Bowen who cannot last much longer. Willie went with me in morning & Phil afternoon & W again about dusk when I went again to see Mrs Tyson.

Clear & Cloudy Ther. 32o MON. JAN. 25th, 1892 Wind S.W.

Went to "Marden" & met Dr. R. Brooke in consultation in Mrs Tyson's case Willie went to Jno C Bentley's for potatoes. I drove over to Nicholas Boswell's calling to see Rosena Bowen who is barely alive. Afternoon Luther Muncaster came over and was here to tea after which he & Willie went to T.J. Lea's & spent the evening. I went to "Marden" again about dusk. Mrs. Tyson is extremely ill. Joseph Wetherald sent me a load of hay.

Clear Ther. 22o TUESDAY 26th Wind N.W.

The wind came around to N.W. about 5. o'clk this a.m. and it grew cold with high winds. I was called up at 1.o'clk this a m to send medicine for Mrs. M. G. Tyson. After breakfast I drove to "Marden" & over to "Boswell's." where I met Dr. Hardy again. Afternoon Jas Hill sent for medicine for his daughter. Towards dusk I drove up to Marden again & met Dr Brooke again. Mrs Tyson's case seems hopeless. I fear she will hardly live through tonight.

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