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79° Clear Cloudy & "Muggy" S.W.
July Sunday 31st 1887

Close & hot again although
quite pleasant early in the
morning. Charley left after early
breakfast in the chaise cart
for Elton via Riverside taking
Willie with him to Riverside
and taking one of the "Stabler
girls" from there. Lizzie
Iddings also went to Elton and
took the other one, Willie
going along on the bicycle
and came home to supper.
Chas Hammond Sr's son was
here in the evening and
paid $1.00 for his father.
Thermometer 86 in the
house about 4. p.m.

78 Clear S.E.
August Monday 1st 1887

Charley drove to Laurel
& leaving the mare there went
to Washington to settle with
F Moore & Co.: he first went
to P JStabler's & settled with
him. I drove to Ashton and
to Riverside taking Willie
with me. I went in to the
Cemetery for the first time
in a long time. Our lot looks
very well but must have
another coat of manure &
lawn grass seed this fall.
Charley came home about
8.45 p.m. "tired & hungry"
Willie went to a temperance
meeting at Ashton after

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