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Rock Spring
Mar 11th 1868

(one year after they became engaged)

My dear Carrie [who was visiting her parents in Alexandria and pregnant]
Just after dinner is not generally the best time to write letters, but as I expect to go away this evening thought this would be the only opportunity. I have not heard yet how you got to Laurel or whether you got there atall but as Henry promised to let me know if you met with any misfortune I feel quite easy as I have not heard from him. I hope thee will keep well and enjoy thy visit. It has been beautiful weather for it so far, and for that, as well as some other reasons, I hope it will keep so.
I left Rockland vry soon after you left, called at Olney and the store and came to Rock Spring. The road was not any worse than when we went up and if this weather continues a few days the roads will be good again. I found everything right when I got here except that it was dreadfully lonesome in the house consequently I did not stay in it much. Fixed up a number of boxes for hens nests about in different places, did some work in the shop and mended carryall. After supper read as much of Dombey & Son as the "blues" and sleep would let me.
Got up this morning feeling much brighter and better and am now as comfortable as circumstances will allow. It is a bright beautiful day and I have taken advantage of it to make a hotbed which I did this morning. I find by my journal that I made it once on the 6th

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