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nothing would please me more
than to see her married, and
away from Sandy Spring.
Ms. Moore wants thee to bring
some [bananas?] down for [Jean?] - they
[agree?] with him so well, and are
hard to get up here. She is in
[?] condition - but I shall have
to give up the [nap?] after [dinner?]
which was such a rest to me as
well as to him; but he [wont?] get to
sleep at night [until?] after nine, -
wakes the next morning as [?]
as his [sticks?]. I have a treat for
us in reading - [Concie Harvy?] lent
me some of the [Roycroft?] [?].
Lets "journey to the homes of
[Hamon?] Men" by [Elfred Hubbard?].
I have read one or two of them and
they are most delighful in matter.

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