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it inwardly all the time.
[Jeans?] Bird book interests him so
much and I study it with him
all the time - we are making a
collection of nests - we have four
but most of the birds still have
use for theirs. We want a barn swallows,
but it is too high for me
though time was -

Please burn this up - it is worse
than no letter at all. I shall wait
for the mail before closing. No
letter from thee; one from Marie
however which I will keep until
thee gets here. She wants to know if
I know a Richard A. MacCurdy,
[Nassau?], Cudor & Liberty Street, [N.Y.?]
Father thinks he is Pres. of the Mutual
Life Insurance Co. of New York - will
thee find out if he is right - Father says
there is a Branch of this on Union Sq.
[near?] [Tiffany?]. Love, Margie

Be sure and write what train thee and Sister are coming
on Thursday.

June 25th, 1900
My dearest,
I can scarcely realize that
this week will bring us together-
blessed week- I cannot tell thee
how hungry I am to see thee.
I suppose thee is busy doing up
loose ends before leaving - Father
paid something to Dr. [Elery?] yester
day about the portrait, and he learned
to accept it as a foregone conclusion
that thee was going to do it in
August. I cant help feeling that
Bea Tyson had something to
do with our losing the [namer?] portraits
though Father says it is
impossible, but you never can tell
what "snakes in the grass" will
do, and she is that type. There is
a great deal of talk about her
encouragment to Sam Rumford

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