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I had to send our little travelling
clock to be put in order - some of
my bad packing jarred it, and
put it all out of plumb: the man
has had it ever since I came
here. Please send me a few of
thy visiting cards. I have some
wedding & announcement cards to
acknowledge: also do get me a
dozen pens - thee knows the kind
I use - those shiny stubs.

The orange tree is a mass of
luxuriant bloom. There is so
much this year that the perfume
is brought into the house & all over
the lawn. I long for thee tomorrow
but will not say anything as I know
thee will do what is right thy last
letter cheered me. I will take hold
of the La [Marche?] sketch with interest.
[writing?] to Mr.Crank. [love?] me
speakable, Margaret.

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