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hand, and is thee trying to keep it
from me? Please don't do that I
want to share all, the bad as well
as the good. Jean is well but has
been eating too many strawberries
lately - we shall have to call a halt
and I hate to say "no" - he is so fond
of them. We found a ground -
sparrows nest in the strawberry bed
- the five eggs are laid now, and
she is [sitting?]. I like to interest
J. in all natural things, and
teach him to respect them - I feel that
I know so little when it comes to
teaching him. I am going to Aunt
Carrie's today to send our boy's [clips?]
on her little machine - Clara [rathert?]
is going to do the machine work for
me, and we will do it all up in
a day, for as clara unsuspectingly
says "After Aunt Hetty & Mary [Tilton?]
come you know there is no settlement"
- she little thinks what unsettlement

there will be. Imagine Miss [Het?]
those days before her wedding. She
is like an uneasy spirit under
ordinary conditions; but she ought
to have the repose of a soul in
Paradise under those. It is the
strangest - my mind refuses to accept
the facts without question; but it
only concerns us to the degree of
wishing her all joy & happiness

I think a picture of thine would
please Aunt E. more than anything
we could give her; but if [thee?
don't feel like giving that in our
chest are innumerable duplicate
salad forks, and we could give
her one of those. Jean came into
my bed at 5:30 this morning
- imagine my state of sleepiness.
J has the prettiest little [picture?] - the
only one of the four which has lived.

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