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Instead of thinking of the hard part of
our lot let us think of the good part which
is that we have each other, and a strong
abiding sympathetic for to make all our
days glad through many miles are between
us. I know the works better just for the
knowledge that I am in the world, as I
go about my days with a perpetual song
of thanksgiving in my heart that I have
the blessing of the strong, manly love.

Dearest, don't get blue - the very darkest
is before the dawn, and there is light
ahead for us. I want thee to get this
before thee starts to the Catskills, and I
can't write thee there because I don't know
the address, and thy stay will doubtless
be short. I am going to drive out this morning
with Callo - The must not worry
one bit about me - I am really feeling
unusually well, and a [propos?] of [illegible]
have no fear- it is caused by [water?]
which indicates an easy [illegible] so the
Dr. says. All signs are fair, and I love
thee , dear to the length + breadth + depth of all my days"

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