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Aug. 23rd, 1900

My dearie-
I see what thee wants from me is
a genuine, old fashioned egotistical letter
and I don't know how to write one, but I
will do the best I can. To begin at the be-
ginning, last Saturday Mrs. Moore and I
both noticed a change in the position of
this boy that is a lowering which is usually
a sign that things are commencing to
look towards the end; so she went to see
Dr. Brooke, and he said that falling some
times took place three weeks or a month before
the birth, and it is much better when it
begins long ahead for the birth is easier. As
I have had none of the symptoms which would
indicate that things were hastening it is
fair to suppose that the descent will be
gradual, and that our first calculations
are correct. I am feeling so well and
have not a disagreeable to contend with
since the heat left last Monday. Am
sleeping soundly again, and Clara gives
me such a thorough rubbing every night
that I have none of that drained feeling
even. I am thankful I have brought thee
health as my dower since I brought no other

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