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August 13th, 1900

My dearest -
After days of the most intense
heat I have ever experienced in
my life there was a slight let up
last night, and today, though warm,
is bearable. I am so thankful for
thee that the heat has broken before
thee returned to N.Y. I am waiting
for a letter from thee today or tomorrow
telling about Long Island - I
rather feel that thee may have found
some spot there on which we might
live. It would be very pleasant to
be near the water. Absolutely nothing
going on down here - the heat has
made movement impossible, and
we have not dared put our hwads
outside the house until after the
sun was well down.

My love for thee Margie

I have been so thankful that he
is out of this heat. I really think
it would have made him sick,
but shall be so glad to have
him home again. Dear little
fellow. I suppose you two will
travel down together, and then
my cup will be full of happiness
for a few weeks anyhow. Don't
say any thing about it but Mrs. M.
has the Italian bee in her bonnet
for next year, and she will get there
mark my words, dear; although she
has said she will never leave Father
again for so long, that will be
forgotten, and you will see her tripping
gayly off about next Apr. She is
better today, has been really wretched

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the order of this letter is a little confusing, I believe the left-hand side could be the very last page of the letter.


I think you may be right, Ella. And it would make sense if the "My love for thee Margie" was meant to be at the end of that page. (There wasn't room for it, of course).