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serious had be [???] to mere.

Rec' a few lines from Aunty Mary
this morning introducing a very nice
yound lady who is teaching [in the?]
family of and of the offive holder, named
Burr, & whose sister was assistant
teacher in their school. The name
is Hilten.

I requested Uncle Cabe to procure
me a set of single harness, of
good quality - $20 -

I will try to meet with a carriage,
tho this is a dear place
to purchase any thing.

Upon farther reflection I do not know
that I need say any [inserted: thing] more for the
present to [???] with regard to the purposed

[???] work too hard over the workmen,
bearing in mind that the world
was not made in a day.

Love to the children.
Affect. husband
Jas. S. Hallowell

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