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1922 6th. 18th. 1st. day
Thermometer 70 at 7 oclock 80 at noon
A woman and little boy here to stay all
night from Cherry Grove. Bright day.

19th. 2d. day
Thermometer 64 at 7 oclock. Reuben brought
his family here in the evening and left
them while he and Frank went to a
Farmers meeting at Olney. The woman and
boy here again for the night, from Cherry Grove

20th. 3d. day
Thermometer 64 a 6 oclock; Cloudy most of
the day. Fanny went t0o Washington for the day.
Elsie went to New York. The woman and boy
from Cherry Grove here all afternoon, company
for me, and again to stay all night. Edward
here to dinner. Edward cutting hay.

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