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Deborah Willson presented next
years program which is attached here to.
Lullian Shillenger announced that
the Haward County Hospital Auxiliary is
giving a card party at Highland for the
benifit of the hospital.
Rachel La Buons reported that she had
written Madame Rama Roi but received
no answer.
The membership committee presented
the following names for membership in
the club. Gladys Aland, Darothy Bluad,
Lillian Shillinger, and Vesta Valliant.
Kay Weininger moved all names be placed
on one ballot and be voted on as one. Ruth
Perine seconded. The club voted unanimously
to accept all as new members.
Theda Partes read form letter to greet
new members. Helen Hallowell named
that the club adopt this form letter. Deb
Wilson seconded. The club voted to accept it.
Theda then read a letter from Alva
Beaners who sent her regrets for being absent.
Theda suggested that we, as a club,
have a social gathering in the summer.
It was moved, seconded, and approved.

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