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Status: Complete

Mrs. Hutchinson has printed form for first letter, send packages, post reduced.

About 40 or 45 members are
corresponding with foreign countries
Health within next two or 3 mos.
There will be a cancer control
detection center. Report who
New Officer installed by Mrs. Prichard
State Fed Chairwoman.

Resolution passed to award
a prize of $25 to the boy in Co
doing most outstanding work
in coop with 4 H Clubs, U of M
& County agent. This sum can be
divided if wise.

The Y Cottage in Bethesda needs
1000 to pay for upkeep. Place for wives
of Army & Navy hosp patients a fashion
Show & tea is to be given at the Bethesda
Woman's Club on May 21 to raise money
tickets 1.20¢ refreshments.

Our Club Woman insists that we send reports

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The use of pencil and multiple areas of inserted or scratch-out text made this hard to decipher, so I ask for a careful review.


Thank you for your note. Your efforts are appreciated very much and rest assured, the review will be careful. These documents are difficult, to say the least!


Thank you! I've enjoyed working on these!