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Gertrude Benson
Theda Porter
Ruth Perine
Program. Katherine Adams
Theda Porter
Deborah Willson
Helen Moore.
Jessie Ladson. Chairman
Ruth Owens
Mary Grady ()
Helen Powell.
Helen Hallowell moved that
we accept with regret the
resignation of Mary Lilian Moore.
Helen Hallowell represented
the Wed Club as a
charter member at the
meeting of the Rockwell
Club at Dec. Ruth Owens
Mrs Couler
also attended the meeting
They both gave us a very
interesting account of letters
sent by two Duth boys in
appreciation of gifts sent them
by Club.

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Written in pencil-- "Jessie Ladson. Chairman", "Mary Grady ()" and "Mrs Couler"
Crossed out-- "Helen Hallowell"