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The President called the
Wednesday Club to order
on Dec. 10th 1947, at
"Mt Airy" with Eloise Huntley.
The minutes of the last
meeting were read + approved.
In the absence of our
Tres. Katherine Adams,
Jessie Ladson read us our
report as of Oct. 1947.
Bal. 1939
Oct Dues. 8.00
Nov. Dues 27.39
Gift from Mas Small
Bal. $43.39 as of Dec.
A motion was made by
Bertha Crum + seconded by
Helen Hallowell that the
By-laws be revised as
Article #5. No program
shall consume more than
1/2 hr. 15 min extra for discussion
Article #6. Refreshments shall be
served prior to business meeting.

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"15 min extra for discussion" (follows "Article #5") written in pencil, presumably after everything else