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Jan 1946

The Wed. Club met on January 2nd.
with Mary Grady. The president called
the meeting to order, the minutes were
read and approved, the treas made
the following report

On hand $55.99
Disbursement 5.00 S. B. Bond
10.00 Xmas opportunity

The names of the members who had
failed to pay their "this year's dues"
were read.

The old nominating committee of
war time standing was asked to
serve again and to present a
slate at the next meeting.

Irene Miller chairman
Emily Coulter
Helen Hallowell

The following appointments to
standing committees were made-
The new treasurer to he a
member of the budget committee.

Gertrude Benson }
Katharine Weininger } membership
Jessie Ladson - Program

Dora Clark reported having

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