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the meeting as a whole was fine
with a good lunch.
The budget Committee gave the
following report
State Federation dues $ 22.00
Sherwood Library 5.00
" Scholarship 5.00
Montg. Co. T.B. Bond 5.00
" " Scholarship fund 5.00
Cancer control 10.00
Hospital pamphlet 5.00
Fire Dept. 5.00
Sherwood pin 5.00
National Symphony 5.00
Christmas oppportunity 10.00
Postage 1.00
Total $ 83.00
Motion was made and passed that
we accept this report.
Dora Clark our sec. for Foreign &
Territorial Clubs has been assigned
a club in Cube with which she
will correspond.
It was unanimously decided that
our Christmas opportunity should
this year be used in our own

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