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said the scholarship fund had $ 465 on
hand which can be borrowed from this year.
The Sherwood Fair had been a great
The last P.T.A. had been a social affair
especially to get acquainted with new
teachers and parents.
Virginia La Mar is making the
Hospital report suggested articles for
the Thrift Shop could be left at "The Cedars"
The office of Corresponding Sec. being
vacant nominations from the floor
were called for. Ruth Baughman was
nominated and duely elected.
The motion was made and
unanimously carried that Mary
Magruder be made an honary member
Elizabeth Stabler told us of the
death of Miss Ball whose name has
long been on our list of honary members.
The new corresponding sec. was
asked to write to both Helen Ribble
and Emily Coulter wishing them each
a speedy recovery and hoping we
would see them at a meeting in
the near future.

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