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regretfully accepted and the Sec. read
one which she had received from
Elizabeth A. Stabler. Miss Lillie and
Miss Emma were appointed to see if
Elizabeth would not reconsider her
decision even if she could only
attend meeting occasionally.
Helen Ribbles' request for membership
was read and given a unanimous
vote of approval
Mary Reading Miller reported on
Education in the absence of Helen
Farquhar. The Cafeteria report
was especially interesting with
$1000 taken in already and a new
stove and lineoleum in the kitchen.
The library had received a very
high rating in the state survey of
last spring rating 73% with 47%
the average for the state. In fact
everything was rated average or
above, even the plant in gereral
which the community felt was
stretching a point.
The Sec, read a communication
from the Future Farmers of America

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