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Oct. 1945 to
May 1946 Oct 1945

The Wed. Club was called to order on
Oct. 3rd. at "Homewood" with Lucy Winslow
as hostess. The minutes of the May Meeting
were read and approved. The Treas.
had sent the following report
On hand May 2nd $ 52.59
Dishersement Stationary 2.00
Contibution to Cancer Control 10.00
Hospital pamphlet 5.00
Vol. Fire Dept. 5.00
War Stamps for Sherwood 5.00
Total 27.00
Oct. 3rd. Balance on hand $ 25.59
which amount checks with the bank
statement. The director reported
her absence from the spring federation
meeting and other delegates who did
attend seemed to have poor memories
or at least no special urge to give
reports on the Meeting.
The chairman as usual read the
list of special chairman of committee
which we are supposed to have and
asked for volunteers no takers.
Lillie Stabler read Emma
Pierson's resignation which was

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