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Bernice Mc.Laury speaking for
Olney Norbeck Citizens Association
Asked us to sign a petition oppsoing
the proposed air port on the L.A.
Barnsley estate or vacinity. We
signed this individually as they
wished as large a showing of
names as possible.
Anne Bussler in the absence of the
Ed. Chairman reported on the last Sherwood
P T A meeting. The officiers for next
year are Allen Brooke Pres. Mr. Carr
vice pres. Doris Fleming recording sec.
Mrs. Shots corresponding Sec. They
had had an interesting program of
phy. Ed activities lead by Mr. Hurley &
PegPue. The Health Committee had the
reported work in eye testing & patch
testing through out the school in
cooperation with the school nurse.
Our meeting was turned over to the
Pries family who gave us an out standing
program of music which left us all
with a truly up lifted feeling
We adjourned to meet on Oct. 3rd with
Lucy Winslow
Respectfully submitted
Deb Willson Sec.

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