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we give $5 this was seconded and passed
[old] individual members may also contribute
through the Wed. Club by contracting
our Pres. Jescie Ladson.

Alva Beavers moved that we as a
club make a protest against coal strickers
and the ability of one man to control
these strikes and so distrupt the war
effort. After some general discussion
the motion was carried and the corresponding
Sec. asked to send copies of it to
the Nat. Fed., the state Fed. the country
Fed. or senators and Walter Winchel.

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A circular on Daytime Radio programs
had been sent us from Mrs. Eastment
Ch. of [the] Radio for the 5th. Dist of 5th. Dist of
M. F. W. C. with various and sundry
question as to our likes and dislikes
We voted on these by a showing of hands
and on the whole showed a marked
unanimity in our feeling against
the present [serials?] and amount and quality of advertising.

The meeting was then turned over to
Mary Priess who introduced our speaker
Mrs. Noami Mann who spoke on
the " Rehabilitation of the Returned

The meeting then adjourned
Deb. Nelson Sec.

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More Music [and] good dramatizations and good comedians
would be enjoyed by everbody. Ruth Crane seems to have brought
out murderous instincts in many of us.

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