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On Feb. 7th. the Wednesday Club met at
Edgewood with Emma and Lillie Stabler. The
president called the meeting to order, The
minutes were read and approved. the
Tres. reported a balance of $ 72.69 on Jan 3rd.
dues collected $ 2.00 Balance Feb. 7th. $ 74.69.
No committee chairman had any reports.
Helen Hallowell said the National Club
Woman had sent her a bill for this year's
subscription it was agreed that the
Tres. pay this as we had always subscribed
to 2 copies one for the pres. and one for
the director.
The Sec. read Bill # 39 of the roadside
committee which is up before the state
legislature and had been previously
endorsed by the corresponding Sec. send
a letter to our delegates stating our
action on the Matter.
Helen Powell gave a report on a
meeting of the American Home
Committee which she had attended
in Chevy Chase. One thing that had
been especially stressed was more
good citizenship and religion to be
taught in the home . We could not
have good citizens who were not good

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