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The Wed Club was called to order by
its president on January 3rd, 1945, with
Helen Powell as hostess. The secretary
called the roll, the minutes were
read and approved. Jessie Ladson
reported on hand Dec. 6th. $ 67.69
Dues received 20.00
Total 87.69
Christmas opp. 10.87
T.B. Bond 5.00
On hand Jan. 3rd. 72.69
She then read the names of those
members whose dues had not been
Helen Hallowell told about the County
Federation meeting with Virginia La Mar,
Alva Beavers, and Helen Farquhar each
adding some details that had especially
appealed to them. We certainly all
wished we could have been present
after their enthusiastic reports. The
highlight of the occasion was a speech
by Mrs. Dickinson gereral federation
chairman, an interesting and dynamic
personality who spoke in a way that
appealed to all ages. Our guest Mrs.
Dozier told us something of Mrs. Dickinson's
New Hampshire background where they
had known each other as girls.
Helen Farquhar reporting on Education.

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