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The Wed. Club held its December meeting
on the 6 th. of the Month with Helen Muir
at Fair Hill.
The pres. called the meeting to order, the
sec. read the minutes of the last meeting,
the tres. gave the following report on hand $ 69.67 (attached).
Helen Hallowell told us about the County
Federation meeting, speaking most en-
thusiastically about the speech given by
Mrs. [-------------------] federation president
on the American Home. We are
asked to watch bill in the legislature
that particulary effect our homes.
Irene Miller in the absence of the
chairman on education reported the
Sherwood Bond rally a great success with
a total of over $ 28,000 worth of bonds
sold not including the $10,000 credited to
the school by Sam Rice.
In reporting on the Women's Hospital
Board meeting Virginia La Mar called on
Jean Bird to tell about the subject on
which Dr. Bird had addressed that meeting:
The Wagner-Murray- Dingle - Senate bill
1161 And its dangers to us, and the medical
profession. We were asked to write
individually to Mr. Beall, Mr. Tydings and
Mr. Radcliffe telling them to vote
against it. The doctors who are

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