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The Wed. Club met on Nov. 1st. at Wanstead with Irene
Miller as hostess.
The president reversed our usual arrangment of
program to suit the plans of the speaker, by calling the
meeting to order and then immediately turning it over to
Norma Clas who first called on Dora Clark who gave us some interesting
facts about the take of William Penn is then
the U.S.O., its interesting work and organization.
We then proceedid with our business meeting, the
secretary called the roll and read the minutes which need-
ed thorough correcting before they could be appproved.
The treasurer's report showed a balance Oct. 1st. $64.29
Dues collected 16.00
Nov.1st. balance $ 80.29
Jessie Ladson then read the report of the budget
committee, which was accepted.
Lucy Winslow wanted to know if members giving $2
should not be excused from helping with money making
schemes for the club.
(Program committee distributed copies of the year's programs)
Lillie Stabler read an application for membership
from Ruth Owens which was unanimously accepted.
We then got into a gereral discussion of the
size of the club and our present membership list which
of course much smaller than in normal times.
The chairman appointed Katherine Adams as the new
member of the program committee in Miriam' Beavers place.
She also stated that the County Federation planned to

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