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The Wednesday Club met on April 5th. at Dunrovin with
Miriam Beavers and Jamie Thomas as co-hostees. Lucy Winslow
called the meeting to order, the minutes were approved as
read and the treasurer said her report had not changed
since the March meeting.
Judy Whitlock reporting for education gave the final
figures of the Sherwood Phantom Supper $ 236.90. At the last
P.T.A. meeting there had been a special appeal for homes
for the teachers coming from outside the neighborhood. The
elementary school is terribly crowded with the sixth grade
over in the high school building and the principal with no
office. The money for an addition is available unless some
other section of the county gets it first. The motion was
made, seconded and passed- that the Sherwood Elementary
School have a three room addition to be completed before
September first. The origional of this motionto be sent to
the Board of Education and a copy to the Board of County
Commissioner. Allen Brooke had been elected president of
the P.T.A. for the coming year and Helen Taylor Sec.
Helen Farquhar reported the hospital help situation to
be slightly better. There was some discussion of how the
new hospital in Bethesda and the future on in Silver Spring
would affect our numbers here at Montg. Co. Gen.
Katharine Weinnger reported for the program committee
that the next meeting would be with Emily Coulter at Holly
Cottage on May 3 rd. with two possibilities as to entertain-

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