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Feb 2nd, 1944, Crestleigh

Mrs. Clas graciously welcomed about sixteen
Wednesday Club members and several guests
for the February 2nd meeting. The President
asked the writer to serve as secy. for today, as
Deborah Willson is in the Hospital. Minutes of
last month were approved.
The Treasurer's Report shows a balance of
$84.29 The Finance Committee membership was
read fom old minutes.
Helen L. Hallowell requests book club
suggestions for March.
There was some discussion as to whether
the hostess is properly notified of how many will
or will not attend. A good many had phoned Mrs.
Clas to regret for today. Mrs. Clas volunteered to
supply each member with a complete list of members.
This was moved by Mrs. Clas and the motion carried.
Mrs. Robert Miller will be hostess for March mtg.
Mrs. Clas has heard a fine speaker, himself blind,
who might he available as a speaker for a future
meeting, his theme being how blind people may
help overcome their affliction and lead more normal lives.

Our very interesting impromptu program
followed, individuals choosing a subject that
interests them. Mrs. Clark had inherited her green
fingers from her mother, and a fine garden from

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