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The Wednesday Club met with Helen Hallowell at
West Cedars on March 19th, 1941. Mrs. La Mar and
Mrs. Benson were in charge of the program for the
afternoon. Mrs. La Mar introduced the speaker for
the afternoon, Mr. Harry Appleby, who gave an inspirational
talk on "The Ideal American Home."

During the business meeting which followed,
the Treasurer reported a balance on hand of
$51.00. An additional $4.00 has come from the
benefit, making a total to date of $55.00.

The corresponding secretary reported that
she had written to Mrs. Whalen requesting that
one copy of the resolution to be considered should be
sent to Mrs. Weld. Mrs. Englund was doubtful
whether any copies would be available in time
for our study.

Mrs. Ligon, chairman of the program committee,
asked for suggestions for next year's topics. There
was a request for some progress on "The Americas".

Mrs. Winslow, chairman of the welfare committee,
reported on the regional cancer control meeting
which she attended in Philadelphia. She was
able to gain many new ideas, as well as new
enthusiasm for her work.

The rummage sale was then discussed,
the date being set for April 3rd. Ten club

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