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Mrs. Muir asked for a discussion of the
question of the time the Wednesday Club
wished the musical lectures to be held.
A show of hands gave 7-5 in favor of
evening lectures. Mrs. Muir expressed thanks
for the club's cooperation.

New business.
The Corresponding secretary was asked
to write Mrs. Whalen for fifty copies of
the resolutions to be presented by the

A request for a contribution was
received from the Washington Symphony

Mrs. Beecraft moved that the
Club give $5.00 to the Symphony. Motion lost.

Mrs. Weld moved the request be
referred to the Budget Committee. Motion carried.

In the absense of the chairman, Mrs.
Mortimer Stabler, Mrs. Dinwiddie read
the following slate as presented by
the Nominating Committee:

President Mrs. Lamar
Vice-Pres. Mrs. Beacraft
Sec. Mrs. Albert Wilson
Treas. (tentative) Mrs. Ladson
Cor. Sec. Mrs. Metzger

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