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The business meeting was called to order
by the president, Mrs. Englund.

The roll was called.

The minutes of the last meeting were
read and approved.

The treasurer, Mrs. Whitlock made the
following report:

Bal. on hand Dec. 18th $ 49.00
Dues 4.00
Benefit 5.00
Total $ 58.00

To Miss Lillie Stabler ( Stamps ) 1.00
Bal. $ 57.00

The corresponding secretary, Miss Lillie Stabler
reported that she had received a letter
from Mr. Thomas G. Pullen, Jr. assistant State
superintendent for the Department of Education stating
that the matter of adding Spanish to the
curriculum of the county schools was a
matter for the county boards of education
to decide.

Miss Lillie also reported receipt of
a letter from Mrs. Grady Powell asking

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