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a full program this year and therefore
would not enter the contest.

Mrs. Lamar, Education Committee, presented
the following resolution:
: Where as We believe that a speaking knowledge of
Spanish will be of great value to the future citizens of the Americas
Therefore: Be it resolved:
That the Wednesday Club of Sandy Spring urges the Dept. of Education to add
Spanish to the curriculum of the public schools-

Mrs. Lamar moved the adoption of the
resolution- Motion carried - The Cor. Sec.
was asked to send a copy to
each of the following: Dr. Albert Cook, Mr. Edwin
Broome, Mrs. E.L. Smeed and Mrs. Grady Powell.

Mrs. Brigham, Legislatine Chairman, told
of hearing the Counsellor of the British

Mrs. Winslow, Welfare, gave a
description of the families taken as
a Christmas project by the Club.
One consisted of a man, wife and
six children another of an elderly
couple and a third of a single
girl. Mrs. Winslow stated that all
requests and needs had been filled.
Mrs. Francis and Mrs. Pierson also helped
with this work.

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