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Mrs. Shillinger reported on the semi-annual
meeting of the County Federation Nov. 28, 1940.

The Wednesday Club members were
asked to work for the following
Stricter liquor control legislation
to help the F.B.I. in any way possible
in its fight against the 5th. column.
To help curb any race & religion prejudice
To help in any action taken to limit the
number of attaches of foreign embassies
interest in juvenile Court work- A
better plan of selecting the Juvenile
Court judge is suggested.

The Chairman of the Budget Committee, Mrs. Miller,
reported a request for funds for the
Sherwood Dental Clinic.

Mrs. Miller moved that the matter
of a contribution to the Dental Clinic for
Sherwood be deferred until the first
meeting in February. Motion carried.

Mrs. Weld moved that the
rummage sale be held in January,
exact date to be decided by the
Committee . Motion carried.

Mrs. Lamar reported for the
Education Committee. Mrs. Lamar also

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